Thursday, November 15, 2012

White Fire finished!!!

I finished the first draft of my epic fantasy novel White Fire today.  The writing process went by very quickly.  I started on November 1 and finished today.  I did not have any other obligations during these last two weeks, so I would just turn on the music and write.  Rarely did I feel like I was forcing the words out.  Hopefully, when I come back to revise, I will not find it to be too horrible (fingers crossed).

The novel ended up being 122,000 words long.  I had originally intended 100,000, but I had allowed myself to go up to 120,000. As I see it, I can probably find at least a few thousand unnecessary words and remove them from the book.  But that's for a later time.

For now, I think I will move on to the next project.  I might take a few days to recharge, but I'm not sure I really need it.  As of now, the next project will probably be one I've written before, my upper MG fantasy The Man in the Crystal Prison.  However, if another idea comes to me, I will pursue that instead.


  1. Ryan, I just finished my book and I wonder if we could do some "checking it out" to see what you think about it. It's called Chronicles of a Karmic SoulMate and it's about a negative Soul Mate who wreaked havoc in my life.

  2. Wow that's super fast! Though if you had two weeks of pure free time for writing I guess it was easy to lose yourself in the world. I wish I had some time like that! x

  3. That is amazing Ryan, done in two weeks! I need to do my book like that! It's taken me almost a year!

    Pureblue from Absolute write water cooler

  4. Congrats Ryan! I'm here to say hello after you did the same for me on the forum.
    You've earned those free days!