Martin Mason

This is my upper MG fantasy series, which will go up into YA as the story progresses. The main character is thirteen-year-old Martin Mason, who has just discovered that he has the Ability.

(I know. It sounds like every MG fantasy ever. Just bear with me here.)

Martin enters a new Realm to train his abilities, but this isn't your typical fantasy realm. There are no knights and castles. No wands or broomsticks either. Instead, it's a world where magic and science enhance one another. There are self-driving cars and hoverboards and robots. Sophisticated computer systems control the weather. Even in his classes, Martin spends more time learning the math and science behind his abilities than he does actually training them.

Of course, this world has some dark secrets. Those come in the form of deposed dictator Marcus Wade, who is also Martin's father.

(Again, bear with me. I promise there's no cliched "Luke, I am your father" moment.)

This is something the reader finds out in the very first chapter, and it's vital to the story, especially later on, that Martin is the son of the antagonist. Martin also figures it out on his own because he's smarter than your typical MG hero.

This story is my homage to Harry Potter, but also a reimagining of what a magical world might look like. You'll see such familiar things as mysterious happenings at school (a series of kidnappings), but there's a lot more to the series, especially as it goes on.

The first book is titled The Man in the Crystal Prison, and I've finished the first draft of it.

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