The God War

This is the working title of one of my current projects. At the moment, the first book is titled The Watersong. This story features a world where the gods walk among us, but they remain largely secret.

Much of the first book is set in the tropical island nation of Tanara. I chose this setting because I wanted to deviate from the typical medieval setting. It's also a gunpowder fantasy, and some parts of the world even have electricity.

There are quite a few competing magic systems in the world. Your magic depends on which god you and your ancestors have worshipped. In addition, the power of a god depends on how much faith there is in that god.

So the god Theos, who wants to supplant all the other gods, works behind the scenes in a nation spreading atheism throughout the world. By reducing the faith in the gods, he will make his enemies weaker and eventually be able to eliminate them.

There's a lot more to that, and I'll probably expand on it at some point. I'm currently through part of the first draft of book one.

In the first book, we'll follow the stories of Firia, Sareli, and Rathin. Firia is the youngest child of the Tanaran emperor and has powerful command of their magic, known as the Watersong. When her father is assassinated and her country is invaded, she fights to keep their way of life going.

Sareli is one of Firia's brothers. As the youngest of three sons, he does not have much likelihood of ascending to the throne. Instead, he goes off to fight in their war. This decision takes him far from home and puts him through a series of hellish scenarios where he's forced to kill people.

Rathin is the commander of the military force occupying Tanara. He believes strongly in the atheistic principles of his country. I don't want to give away too much, but I definitely intend for him to be an anti-villain. He's a fun character to write.

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