This is an epic fantasy series featuring a world with a dying sun. Six hundred years ago, it was weakened in a war between the gods. Now the people of this world cling to life through the powers of Sunweaving and their Sunlord.

Sunweaving is a magic system based on six colors of light: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Casting any of these colors results in a unique magical effect. Some of these castings provide the light and heat to grow crops. Others can heal or even negate light. There are also various weaves of two colors, each of which produces another unique effect. Sunweavers can use their weaves to create fire, manipulate stone and water, cast protective shields, and even communicate telepathically over great distances.

Among Sunweavers, there are also Sunlords. These are the only people who can weave all six colors. The Sunlord's job is to use his abilities to keep the sun from dying. Normally, there are many Sunlords, but in recent years, all potential Sunlords have met with assassination.

The world also features a competing magic system: Fireweaving. The powers are the same, but the source is different. Sunweavers get their powers from the sun goddess and their energy from the sun. Fireweavers get their powers from the fire god and their energy from the planet's core. The fire god just happens to be the one who weakened the sun in the first place.

This leads to a great deal of conflict between Sunweavers and Fireweavers. Sunweavers are the ones in power, and they make it their mission to eliminate all Fireweavers because they see their powers as evil, because of the source of those powers. However, Fireweavers are not blameless. Some of them intend to kill all Sunweavers in retaliation for this persecution.

The story opens with Fireweavers kidnapping the Sunlord. His son Deril makes it his mission to rescue his father. Deril doesn't know why the Fireweavers took him, and he worries that they may intend to bring about the end of the world. After all, Deril's father is the only remaining Sunlord. To find out why they took him, and how to save him, Deril must infiltrate a group of Fireweavers.

The story follows two other characters as well. Rella is a young Fireweaver whose abilities have just been exposed. Her only choice is to flee south into the Frozen Lands, where Fireweavers live in exile. But that means leaving behind everyone and everything she's ever known. Her rare talents soon draw her into the effort to rescue the Sunlord.

The other main character is Kadin, a boy who has grown up Lightless. However, the Sunlamps on his father's farm have a way of going out around him. Angered, his father sells him into slavery. It's there on the plantation that Kadin learns just how powerful he really is. In the end, he might be the world's best hope. But he has to conquer the darker side of his nature first.

I intend for this series to be four books long. Progress updates will be included below.

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  1. Just reading this synopsis sparked a great interest in me to read your book. Looking forward to updates!