Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book Review: Heroes Die

Today I finished Heroes Die by Matthew Woodring Stover.  The book is set in a future where Actors entertain the masses by having adventures in another world that is stuck in medieval times.  Hari Michaelson is the best Actor out there.  In the world of Ankhana, he is a world-renowned warrior known as Caine.  He is simply the best at doing what he does, and that is killing.  But he's only doing it because the producers back home on Earth are forcing him to do it.  Until his wife, also an Actor, is captured.  Now his quest becomes personal.

That's probably not the world's greatest introduction to the book, but I figure I could always use some practice at describing other people's books.

I was attracted to this book by the interesting premise.  I enjoy a good novel that spans both the science fiction and fantasy genres.  At first, while reading, I wasn't sure about the book.  Caine came across as a bit too bloodthirsty for my tastes.  But as the book progressed, I came to relate in some way to him, and I felt for him in his quest to save his estranged wife and regain her love.

This book was full of action (well-described action).  I think it's a good one to read for anyone who is interested in writing action-packed (and possibly bloody) stories.  The blood and gore was quite a bit.  There were a few passages that actually made me cringe.  It was fitting, though.  But it is definitely not a book for the squeamish or those easily offended by violence or language.

I'd have to say Caine is probably one of the most badass characters I've ever come across.  He's not invincible, though, which helps add a nice element of realism.  There is also conflict galore, and it was a page turner for me after the first 200 or so pages.  By the end, it ranks up there with some of my favorites.  It is also a very interesting concept, so I think it's worth reading.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Oh my lord, you've read this? I've been trying to find a copy of these books of Matthew Stover's to read for the past two years. *sigh* The last time I checked amazing was either out of wanted way too much for them and the library where I live is limited in what they carry. One day I will read his books because the few things I've heard sound really up my alley! Glad to know you enjoyed it and find it worth reading!