Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book Review: The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

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And for my review of the book I just finished. I enjoyed the first two books in the series, but this one blew them away. The plot developments just kept on coming. Weeks sprinkled his characteristic action throughout, and then as usual things exploded at the end.

Too often, I've made the mistake of comparing this series to his Night Angel trilogy. But I need to let it stand on its own. It's not the same kind of story, and it's great in its own right. That has actually led me to reevaluate my feelings on the first two books.

As I've said before, the magic system is really great (even if it was a bit cumbersome in the first book). This book also reduces the amount of magical training time, which is a good thing.

Once again, you see more development out of Kip. This book also focuses a lot on Teia, including the introduction of the organization that gives the book its name. There's a lot of tension in this storyline, and in all the others. I also loved the sections from Gavin's point of view. His plot is probably the least interesting, but his character is just so interesting to read about. I also must say that Andross Guile makes one of the most compelling antagonists I've ever read

There were a lot of great developments toward the end of this book that have me looking forward to the next one. Too bad it won't be out until 2016. I'm not sure I can wait that long.

Rating: 9.5/10

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